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Cultural Guayaquil

Municipal Museum of Guayaquil

The museum also offers diverse archeological exhibits with approximately 2.000 objects that belong to the pre-Columbian cultures of the Coastal[…]

General Cemetery

The General Cemetery is one of the most impressive examples of architecture in the city since 1843. It is one[…]

Handicraft market

The Ecuadorian craftsmanship stands out for its colorful designs and creative forms, which reflect the richness of the country’s 4[…]

MAAC – Simon Bolivar Cultural Center

The Anthropologic Museum of Contemporary Art also known as MAAC, is part of the Simon Bolivar Cultural Center, with more[…]

Guayaquil History – Miniature Museum

The exhibit is one of the most important cultural centers of the country; through its clay miniatures, 15 scale models[…]