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Holy Week in Cuenca

Day 1

Theatrical Guidance
From 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. you can start from a dramatized guide by the Religious Route, which starts at the San Luis Seminary in the Historic Center of Cuenca.

Visit to the 7 Churches
Later it is suggested to visit the 7 churches in the historic center of Cuenca, a tradition that has been preserved over time.

Gastronomic visit: Do not forget to taste the delicious “empanadas de viento” outside the churches.


Day 2

Free Walking Tour
From 10:00 to 12:00 take a tour of the emblematic places of Cuenca.

Gastronomic visit:
Try the delicious “Fanesca Cuencana” in one of the restaurants.

All Saints Complex
It was the first church in Cuenca built in 1820 and the first Catholic mass was celebrated there. Faithful people named it Church of All Saints as it was dedicated to different saints. Recently its restoration was completed and it has become an attraction worth visited.

Stations of the Cross – Procession of the 14 Stations
The largest religious procession in Cuenca begins at 7:00 p.m. in the Cathedral of the Immaculate, reaches the Church of San Blas and returns to the Cathedral, songs and prayers may be heard in the silence in which the city remains for this act. The signs of faith are reflected in the sacrifice of those who are barefoot and with a cross on their shoulders recreating the Stations of the Cross.


Day 3

Procession with Our Lady of Sorrows
Be part of a procession in one of the most representative spaces for faith and devotion in Cuenca, departing at 10:30 from the Sanctuary of Cajas, a place of reflection and meditation, located 8 km from Cajas.

Gastronomic Visit:
Try a delicious trout in one of the restaurants located near the National Park Cajas and taste the exquisite cuisine of the area.

CUENCA, ECUADOR, 01/11/2012; Laguna La Toreadora en el Parque Nacional del Cajas en Cuenca, Azuay.( Foto; Edu León/ MITUR)

Cajas National Park
In the afternoon visit this place, World Biosphere Reserve according to UNESCO, exceptional natural site located just 30 kilometers west of Cuenca formed by more than 230 lagoons, ideal for hiking, camping and practicing sports such as sport fishing or rock climbing.


Day 4

Historic Center of Cuenca
It is formed by the oldest residential area of ​​the city with an area of ​​178 hectares. Here we find most of the churches with beautiful architecture, the archaeological zone, the artisan neighborhoods of the colonial era, the central markets, the “Barranco del Tomebamb” and several sites of landscape and cultural importance that show the reason of the declaration as a World Cultural Heritage.

Photo: Hugo Pardo Kuklinski

Gastronomic visit:
Taste the traditional “Fanesca” prepared by hard working hands of Cuencans in one of the city markets.

Thermal water spa
In Cuenca there are quite interesting options for those who seek relaxation, rest and health. In Baños, a parish located just 8 km from the city center, several establishments use the thermal water that flows at 78 ℃ from a volcanic fault.

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Source: Fundacion Municipal Turismo Cuenca