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Guayaquil Has Its Symbolic Flower

The orchid named as Encyclia Angustiloba Schltr, endemic specie of the Guayas Province and unique within the 4.032 types of orchids that grow in the different ecosystems of Guayaquil, was designated as the emblematic flower of the city.

The designation was made through a resolution issued by the City Council of Guayaquil, following a request made by the Municipal Director of Tourism and Civic Promotion, Gloria Gallardo, to Major Jaime Nebot Saadi, together with the Botanical Garden and the Ecuadorian Orchid Association, which issued a scientific report highlighting the endemic condition of this orchid and its importance to the ecosystem.

The Ecuadorian Orchid Association is an organization established on September 17, 1974; an innovator conservationist and ecological institution of Ecuador.

The natural habitat of these orchids are dry forests, carob trees and red cedar trees (Trichilia hirta), which grow in the hills and the surroundings of the city (Cerro Blanco, Cerro Azul, Cerro Colorado and Santay Island).

The orchid blooms between April and August, lives from two to five years, and has the shape of an onion and numerous little flowers, its sepals and petals are of brown-reddish and the edge is white.

As tribute to this nomination as emblematic flower of the city, the City Council decided to build a sculpture in its honor in the north part of the city.

Guayaquil is getting ready to be the host for the Twenty-second World Orchid Conference (WOC).



Are a  sample of the orchid wealth of Ecuador, which was declared as Country of Orchids for the diversity of species, 4.032 at the moment, from which, 1.714 are endemic. In absolute terms, Ecuador is the country with more orchid species in the whole planet, since it hosts four of the five orchid families.

Source: Guayaquil es mi destino