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Hacienda El Castillo

At 45 minutes from Guayaquil, we find Hcda El Castillo, a country house built in the middle of the last century, owned by a German Count who settled in our country in the 1930s. In part of a plot of 1,600 hectares Bought around the San Isidro area.

One of the priorities in Hacienda el Castillo is sustainable agricultural development, always maintaining the highest respect for nature. For this reason, an area of ​​more than 30 hectares of Tropical Dry Forest was identified, which was designated as a forest reserve. A project was carried out together with the Pro Bosque Foundation, in which a survey of the vegetation and population of animals and birds that live in the Forest was carried out. An informative trail was developed with 12 information stations, which visitors can walk on their own without a guide. In this reserve, you can find species of original trees of the area, such as Guayacan, Cascol, Ceibo, Bototillo, Algarrobo, among others. In addition, the fauna is very diverse with deer, tigrillos, squirrels and other mammals. There is also an extensive variety of birds that fascinate the viewers of this nature reserve, as it is ideal for bird watching. With the first rains of the season, the trees of Guayacán bloom, throwing an intense yellow flower that forms a spectacle when mixing with the brown tones of the Dry Forest. This bloom lasts about a week.