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Historic Park

The Historic Park is an 8 has theme park developed with cultural, environmental and tourist purposes.

Its main objective is to rescue our cultural identity and life during the XIX century in the old province of Guayaquil and the coast.

The park recreated the architecture, traditions and urban and rural life of Guayaquil, surrounded with local flora and fauna. Visitors can appreciate activities and way of living of the people during the “Golden Age”, due to cocoa exports.

The Historic Park is made up of three zones:

Wilderness Area: In order to visit it, an arm of estuary has been used in quite favorable conditions, and a small space of flooded savannah, supporting the flora and fauna in the area.

Traditions Area: Expose the life of the “casa hacienda” in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries and the relationship between “peon and hacendado”. The peasant and the hacienda house life environment of cocoa, coffee, banana plantations, cotton, rice, sugar cane seeks to recover traditions of the countryside, its customs, music and architecture.

Urban and Architecture Area: It displays the urban and architectonic atmosphere of Guayaquil at the beginning of the XX century, after the big fire that consumed the city in 1896. In the 1900 Malecon, you can see the solidarity of its inhabitant; who all together raised the city from its ashes and today is an example of strength to face the present and future challenges.