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Cocoa Route


La Danesa is a historic family owned hacienda located in the coastal region, right before the Andes, 1 hour drive from Guayaquil. The exceptional service, along with their environmental practices, creates an everlasting experience.

  • Horseback riding
  • Cacao experience
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  • Tubing
  • Milking
  • Cooking classes
  • Yoga
  • Montuvio interpretation
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At 45 minutes from Guayaquil, we find Hcda El Castillo, a country house built in the middle of the last century, owned by a German Count who settled in our country in the 1930s. In part of a plot of 1,600 hectares Bought around the San Isidro area.

One of the priorities in Hacienda el Castillo is sustainable agricultural development, always maintaining the highest respect for nature. For this reason, an area of ​​more than 30 hectares of Tropical Dry Forest was identified, which was designated as a forest reserve. A project was carried out together with the Pro Bosque Foundation, in which a survey of the vegetation and population of animals and birds that live in the Forest was carried out. An informative trail was developed with 12 information stations, which visitors can walk on their own without a guide. In this reserve, you can find species of original trees of the area, such as Guayacan, Cascol, Ceibo, Bototillo, Algarrobo, among others. In addition, the fauna is very diverse with deer, tigrillos, squirrels and other mammals. There is also an extensive variety of birds that fascinate the viewers of this nature reserve, as it is ideal for bird watching. With the first rains of the season, the trees of Guayacán bloom, throwing an intense yellow flower that forms a spectacle when mixing with the brown tones of the Dry Forest. This bloom lasts about a week.



The tour begins in the city of Guayaquil leaving the Chongon-Cerecita road. A short visit to the Chongon Orchid Garden gives rise to this unique experience. On the road you can see the large groves of fruit trees and timber. A refreshing stop to taste the delicious yogurts with natural jellies in the nurseries of Chiveria.

The forests of HACIENDA EL CASTILLO are not only tourist attractions, but rather they are a sign of our commitment to the environment that has made it possible for us to obtain RAINFOREST ALLIANCE certification.

Considering that cocoa was considered the Pepa de Oro in the early twentieth century, in HACIENDA EL CASTILLO has revolutionized the concept of “plantation chocolate” that is having a boom in the market of fine chocolates. We not only fully guarantee the origin of the cocoa, but also the chocolate is produced on the same farm, completely closing the product cycle: the nursery of the cocoa plants, planting, harvesting, fermentation, drying and chocolate production. Truly in HACIENDA EL CASTILLO we can say that our chocolate is “From the Seed, to the Bar” which gives us a special differentiation. The chocolate flavor of HACIENDA EL CASTILLO is unique for its cocoa and the elaboration process and has been perfected to satisfy the most distinguished palates. Upon arrival at the hacienda, a refreshing welcome awaits you with freshly prepared cocoa juice and patacones.

We begin the journey through the planting, through the process of nursery, sowing, drying and fermentation, to continue the visit to the chocolate factory and to know all the artisan process that is developed here. At the end of the tour, a delicious picnic lunch awaits us at the hacienda house. After a short nap in hammocks, we began our return to the city of Guayaquil.


Meals included: Lunch

Optional: horseback riding.


  • Private bilingual guide (Spanish – English)
  • Private land transport
  • Meals specified in the program based on menu / vegetarian menu should be requested


  • No food not specified in the program
  • Tips


Located 75 kilometers from Guayaquil by the route Puerto Inca – Naranjal, and has an area of 550 hectares of crops of cacao, banana, banana and black pepper. In an environment of singular beauty, tropical vegetation, rivers, birds of various species and even a river dams, the hacienda has excellent facilities such as cabins, dining rooms, roads, signs, parking, horseback riding or tractor.


Rodeo Grande is a traditional hacienda that has an area of 1200 hectares and is located 10 meters above sea level. The elegant house, built in 1980, serves as a resting place for its owners on weekends, and also guests, who together with the family owns, enjoy from the main balcony of the house, the majesty of the fields. Other attractions that Rodeo Grande offers, is an endless number of gardens and roundabouts that are distributed by a large amount of the area of the hacienda.