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Two kids from U.S.A. want to save the blue footed boobies

Matthew and Will Gladstone were worried about the declining population of Blue-footed Boobies in the Galapagos Islands, so these two brothers started The Blue Feet Foundation, in order to raise money and awareness by selling bright-blue socks.

During their science class they learned about these species so they wanted to help.

Will said that this specie is unique so every time somebody goes to Galapagos, that is what they will keep in their minds.

Since 2016 The Blue Feet Foundation has sold about 10,000 pair of socks in 46 countries, collecting almost $90.000.

This fundraiser has already sponsored a survey of blue-footed boobies in 2017, conducted by a team of 10 researchers, an important but expensive step in the collection of ecological data.

People from all over the world are supporting their cause and sharing photographs with their “blue legs”.


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