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Photography contest winner: Fausto Feraud

In February we held a photography contest, dedicated to the city of Guayaquil. The winner was Fausto Feraud, a 25-year-old photographer who has liked to take photos since he was very young. His first camera was a disposable camera normally used for travels, his brother Antonio Feraud (better known as Pancho Feraud) taught him basic details of the camera and also how to use Photoshop.

When he was 16 years old, his brother organized a photography course in Fediscos, where he taught him about color theory and framing. His first semi-digital camera was given by his mother right when Ropa Gallardo asked him to take some photos for an event. When he opened the box of his new camera, there was a letter from his mother that said: “I love you gordo, now go to work!”

He began his studies in Multimedia at Casa Grande University and finished his career at IGAD, in this institute he learned about food and product makeup. Over the years he concentrated on taking artistic photos.

“I’ve always liked to take the time to make a beautiful capture, create moments to capture memories, look around to take pictures of other people, being patient is the key to achieve a good picture”

You can see his photos and contents in: @themoonproductions_