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Urban Guayaquil

Guayaquil City Tour (3 hours approx.)

Guayaquil is the main city and port of Ecuador. It is a complete city, business center, with many nearby beaches[…]


Metropolitan Cathedral It is located in downtown Guayaquil, in front of the Seminario Park. It has neo-gothic style and was[…]


Centennial Park It is in the heart of the city and divides in two the main street, 9 de Octubre[…]

Santa Ana Port

It is a tourist complex with a ​​privileged landscape surrounded by office buildings, apartments, museums and a pier located next[…]

Santa Ana Hill

It is located by the Guayas River where the city was founded and next to the traditional Barrio Las Peñas. It[…]

Las Peñas historical neighborhood

It is the traditional and historical district of Guayaquil, its keeps similar characteristics to those of the eighteenth and nineteenth[…]

Malecon Simon Bolivar waterfront

Located on the banks of the Guayas River, the Malecon Simon Bolivar is the heart of the city and offers[…]