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Crickets, the visitors that arrive with the rains

Although crickets are not welcome, they visit the city with the onset of rains. They are important for tropical dry forest ecosystems, such as those we have in Guayaquil.

They maintain an ecological chain that benefits the human being, because they feed on smaller insects and in turn they are the food of bats that reduce pests such as mosquitoes. There are no studies that indicate that they transmit diseases or that they are a danger to human health.

Its proliferation begins with the rainy season, when their eggs hatch when the humidity increases. The temperature change causes the crickets to leave the forests, quarries and mangroves.

They shouldn’t scare you! Take the necessary precautions so they don’t bother you:

  • Close doors and windows.
  • Turn off the outdoor and patio lights . They are attracted to the yellow light.
  • Killing them is the worst idea! Because crushing them emanate a bad smell.
  • Cover the garbage can.
  • Don’t hate them! They have a short life and in other countries people worry that are disappearing, which could bring an imbalance in their ecosystems.