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Guayabera – The Typical Garment Of The Coast

Guayabera – The Typical Garment Of The Coast

The guayabera is the typical garment of the Ecuadorian Coast. This versatile and elegant clothing came from Cuba, and started to become popular especially in Guayaquil as it offers freshness and comfort.

The guayabera is part of the Coastal identity, rural and urban, and its style has adapted to modern fashion.

They come in short or long sleeve, and in different colors as white, cream and light blue, with two or four pockets and vertical tucks as decoration. The most commonly used are made in cotton and linen.

At first the guayabera was used only by men, but a few years ago new models were designed for children, young people, and women.

This clothing has become a citizen uniform to work in local government departments.

Traveltips adopted this elegant garment as uniform for its staff to show our “guayaquilenian” identity.