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7-nights itinerary (Friday – Friday)

Manatee cruise in the Ecuadorian Amazon jungle

The boat

A cruise ship by its nature is characterized by the adventure and the unpredictability of the moment, not the safety of our passengers and our crew becomes paramount for us. The Manatee Amazon Explorer is fully equipped to face the most challenging conditions and circumstances in addition to impeccable handling of responsibleand experienced hands of our managers and crew.
Canoes used for daily visits to sites of exploration are resistant and versatile, operate in a responsible manner by experienced personnel. You will be fully reported on Board on all issues pertinent to safety as well as environmental policy, passengers also receive reports adequate and detailed before each landing.

Exploring the Amazon

This is a journey that takes us into the infinite green of the biodiversity that stretches for kilometers in the impressive Amazon basin. As we will be detailed later, nature teaches us that the best way to go for all his magical ways is through an alternative medium unique and different, journey that becomes the epitome of change anddiversity. This adventure inspiring that propose provides many possibilities unexpected, full of visions surprising of magical forests moist in the book Natural of the Cuyabeno. We walk the Yasuní National Park (the largest of the Ecuador) which is wildand untamed, we go through the calm waters of Pañacocha (laguna de piranhas).We got on observation towers to enjoy a perspective like no other, we sail along rivers of sewage in the middle of the jungle. Walked by winding paths that we carry to know them peoples sacred of it more deep of the Amazon Ecuadorian.

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  • Route 7 nights (Friday to Friday)

    Day 1 Friday: Quito Coca Rio Napo National Park Yasuní.
    Day 2 Saturday: protective forest Pañacocha.
    Day 3 Sunday: parrot clay lick Sani Warmi and Yasuni National Park.
    Day 4 Monday: Indillama Rio Napo National Park Yasuní.
    Day 5 Tuesday: border with Peru (heart of the Yasuní).
    Day 6 Wednesday: interaction with the community activities on board exploration of Islands.
    Day 7 Thursday: observation tower Limoncocha biological reserve.
    Day 8Friday: back to the city.