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Salinas de Guaranda

Salinas is located in the Province of Bolivar, one hour from the city of Guaranda. It is one of the most prosperous towns in the canton, as it has become an example of community initiatives and the production of high quality cheeses appreciated in European markets. Salinas is surrounded by meadows and mountains of the beautiful Andean valley at a height of 3550 meters.


  • City: Guaranda
  • Sector: Northeast
  • Address: 10 km from the city of Guaranda
  • Hours of Operation: Monday to Sunday

A little history

Salinas was constituted like civil parish in 1884. In aboriginal times they belonged to the Indians Tomabelas. The only source of work was the salt mines; Hard task to evaporate the salt water, bring it to the village and cook it successively in the hut in large pails until dry the content, mold it in the form of 2 balls, the same that wrapped in straw is n the “Moored Salt”, still produced and Marketed in small quantities.

Its inhabitants have now created micro-enterprises that work in networks, creating jobs that have resulted in a stable and progressive economy, using resources from the area. The products that are made are cheese, mushrooms, nougats, chocolates, threads, micro-sugar mill, etc.

In addition Salinas counts on several tourist attractions among them the majesty of the rocky cliffs, the waterfall of Chazojuan, that makes way among these stone giants, a special attraction, for ecological and tourist reasons, is the introduction of camelids, the Zone counts on endemic fauna like the tigrillo and some birds. You can also visit several companies such as Spinning, Mechanics, Clean Salinas, Balanced Mill, Tejifino, La Texal, Quesera El Salinerito, Marketing, Parmesan cheese cellar, balloon factory, chocolates factory, among others.