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Galapagos on board Endemic Luxury Yacht

Itinerary D
4 Days – 3 Nights Thursday / Sunday
(Max 16 passengers)

DAY 1 – Thursday

AM: Arrival to Baltra Island Airport

PM: Bartolome Island

At this site, you will be able to enjoy the best view of Pinnacle Rock, a jagged spear like formation that has become an iconic feature of the Galapagos. A series of steps leads you through a variety of colorful lava rocks to the summit of the now extinct volcano, where you will admire a picture perfect panorama. The island´s sandy cove is also a good area for snorkeling, with possible sightings of penguins, reef sharks and rays.

Day 2 – Friday
AM: Cormorant Point, Devil´s Crown (Floreana Island)

Cormorant Point features two distinctly beautiful beaches, one tinted a glistening green by a high content of olivine crystals; the other pure white. The saltwater lagoon here is frequented by one of the largest populations of flamingos in the Galapagos. Devil´s Crown is a stunning jagged volcanic crater, which has become mostly submerged beneath the water. It boasts a plethora of marine life making it an enthralling site for diving and snorkeling.


PM: Post Office Bay, Baroness´ Viewpoint (Floreana Island)

Post Office Bay provides a fascinating insight into the human history the island as you will discover the postal system developed by British whalers in the 18th century and can take part in the tradition that has continued to this day. The Baroness´ Viewpoint is named after an Australian baroness, who visited the island in the 1930´s and sparked a series of speculations about her mysterious disappearance. This vantage point of view is ideal for exploring the surrounding mangroves and other points of interest from above.


Day 3 – Saturday
AM: Chinese Hat (Santiago)

This small island off the Coast of Santiago Island is the result of erupted lava, and the remaining cone curiously resembles the shape of a Chinese hat. The short trail around the cove will guide you through a sea lion colony and provide opportunities to see eagles, oystercatchers and lava lizards. Furthermore, the aquamarine water channel that runs between Santiago Island is very appealing for those who wish to enjoy some snorkeling, where you may be joined by sharks, rays and even a rare Galapagos penguin.


PM: North Seymour Island

This island was formed by the uplifting lava from underneath the ocean, which resulted in a relatively flat landscape. In addition to land iguanas, sea lions and turtles along the coast, inland you will see colonies of blue-footed boobies and may be lucky enough to see their delightful courtship dance. Most notably though, the island is the largest nesting site for frigates birds, the male variety of which possess distinctive red pouches that they inflate during the mating season.


Day 4 – Sunday
AM: Black Turtle Cove (Santa Cruz Island)

After breakfast, enjoy the visit to Black Turtle Cove, which is located on the north shore of Santa Cruz. It is a living illustration of how mangroves alter the marine environment to create a rich and unique habitat. Three mangroves species crowd the area from the shore out into the lagoon, which reaches almost a mile inland. As you drift through quite waters, you will probably see spotted eagle rays and diamond-shaped mustard rays, which swim in a diamond formation. White-tipped reef sharks slip under the boat and Pacific green sea turtles come to the surface for air and mating. Waterfowl, including pelicans, herons and egrets, all feed in the cove. This is a peaceful place.

PM: Departure from Baltra Airport


Important Tips:

  • The itinerary is subject to changes in case of force majeure caused by exceptional and natural circumstances.
  • The approximate times of departure and navigation depend on the conditions of the sea and the decisions of the captain.
  • Although the Galapagos rarely require you to search for wildlife, observation of specific species can never be guaranteed.