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Urban Guayaquil


Centennial Park

It is divided into two Avenue 9 de Octubre, in its central part is the heroes column,paying homage in this way to the heroes and creators of the historic Vulcan forge. In the column is transcribed the Act of independence of the city of the 9 of Octoberof 1820.

Park seminar

Known as the “Park of the Iguanas”, due to the Habitat of a large number of this species, which is about 43 species between flora and fauna that exist in it.
At its Center stands the first equestrian statue of the liberator Simon Bolivar. European style dial without a doubt, is one of the most traditional parks of the city.



The Cathedral

Located in the Centre of Guayaquil, in the Chimborazo Av. between 10 August andClemente Ballén. It is of neo-Gothic style and was built in the year of 1936.

Church Santo Domingo

Located a few blocks from Barrio Las Peñas, is the oldest temple that has the city, founded in 1548 by the Dominican order. Due to the multiple fires it was rebuilt several times.

La Merced Church

Located in the Av. Víctor Manuel Rendon and Pedro Carbo neo-Gothic style, was opened in 1936.

Church San Francisco

Located in the Av. 9 de octubre and Pedro Carbo. It is a neo-classical style, and was inaugurated in 1902 year.