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San Cristobal Enchanted Adventure 3 days – 2 nights



After a morning flight to San Cristobal Island, we’ll greet you at the airport and head to our hotel. We start our adventure paddling at Playa de Oro in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. Following the coast, we can see blue footed boobies, endemic gulls and more marine birds along the volcanic formations of Playa Mann and Punta Carola. Then we head out to Frigate hill, where Charles Darwin aboard the HMS Beagle set foot for the very first time in Galapagos. We will enjoy the company of the frigate birds that live and fly in this magical place. Playful sea lions will be always following us circle around our kayaks to call our attention. In this calm water bay is a perfect snorkeling spot in this island. We´ll jump in to the water from our kayak to explore the marine life such as sea turtles, rays and many more species of tropical fishes. After this underwater experience we paddle back to Puerto Baquerizo.

Heading to the south direction we can have a great panoramic view of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno and the beach of “Los Marinos”.



We take a speed boat to the highlight of San Cristobal and one of the best places in Galapagos for snorkeling and diving. This is a known feeding area for sharks and a great variety of tropical fish. Amaze yourself in this natural aquarium with its geological beauty and incredible marine life. We’ll put on snorkels and fins to interact with sea lions, as well as countless reef fish. We’ll swim with spotted eagle rays, golden rays, Galapagos sharks, starfish, clams, and fish of every shape, size, and color. With luck, we might even see some menacing but harmless hammerhead sharks!

We continue our journey and disembark at one of the calm and pristine beaches of the northern coast for a lunch on board. Relax, walk, swim or snorkel and soak in the natural beauty this place has to offer. After a full day spent exploring the seas, we head back to town for a well-earned rest.



Finally, it’s time bid a fond farewell as we transfer out to the Airport for our return flight to the mainland.


What to bring: Long sleeve non-cotton shirt, sun hat, bathing suit, water bottle, sandals or water shoes, sunblock, camera.

Included: Bilingual assistant 1st and 3rd day, Bilingual guide 2nd day, snorkel equipment, expeditions or sit on the top kayaks and personal equipment (PFD or Life jacket, dry bag and paddle), meals as listed.

Not included: Airfare to/from Galapagos, Galapagos National Park Entrance Fee, Galapagos Transit Card, taxes, tips, meals not detailed, accommodation, not detailed stuff.

Tours to Galapagos from Traveltips in partnership with Casa Opuntia