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Isabela – 3 days/2 nights


We’ll greet you at the pier and head to our hotel.

In our first tour we explore Tintoreras, a set of small islets filled with hidden coves and beaches. Here, we will find the peculiar, endemic Galapagos penguin, the only one that lives close to the Equator line, blue footed boobies and other marine life. From our motor boat we´ll jump into the water to explore the underwater
life. Sea lions, rays, schools of tropical fishes, marine iguanas and with good luck penguins swimming and fishing. At the end of the activity, we´ll go to the beach where we finish our tour.


This morning, we’ll drive up the flanks of the Sierra Negra volcano until the road ends. Here, we continue on foot and hike into a surreal world of geological history.
On the hike up, we can admire incredible views of the surrounding volcanoes and sea, as well as the distinctive highland ecosystem around us. But the real prize is at the top – when we arrive at the rim of the Sierra Negra volcano, we are treated to a truly breathtaking vista.

Sierra Negra is the second largest active caldera on the planet, over six miles at its widest point. We’ll hike the rim of this enormous crater and, if we feel energetic, continue on to the caldera of Volcan Chico, an otherworldly landscape of vibrant hues created by sulfur deposits.

Here we can explore spectacular lava formations and fumaroles. Then, we´ll head back to the lowlands in time to spend our last afternoon on Isabela relaxing on the perfect beaches and soaking up the island-life atmosphere.


Finally, it’s time bid a fond farewell as we transfer to the airport or to the pier.


What to bring: light non-cotton clothes, sun hat, water bottle, bathing suit, sandals or walking shoes, sunblock, camera.

Included: Bilingual assistant, Bilingual Certified Guide, snorkel equipment.

Not included: Airfare to/from Galapagos, Galapagos National Park Entrance Fee, Galapagos Transit Card, transportation to Isabela, Isabela entrance fee, taxes, tips, and meals not detailed, accommodation, not detailed stuff.


Tours to Galapagos from Traveltips in partnership with Casa Opuntia