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Urban Art

Guayaquil is a city with wide streets and avenues, as well as many overpasses.

Being a city that loves art in all its expressions, it has created an urban art form, in the murals of the columns of its overpasses.

These are complements to the monuments of the urban fauna of the 3 representative animals of Guayaquil: the Iguana, the Great Green Macaw of Guayaquil and the Capuchin Monkey, from the artist Juan Sánchez.



The largest numbers of land iguanas are found in the Seminario Park in downtown.

This sculpture is located in the Aventura Plaza Shopping Center, on Las Monjas Avenue and Carlos Julio Arosemena Avenue.



The sculpture of the Great Green Macaw or Ara ambiguus guayaquilensis, its scientific name, is an endangered species. It is a 12-meters high sculpture of the bird symbol of Guayaquil.

It is covered with almost 70 thousand handmade ceramic pieces.

It is located in the VI Stage of the Alborada Citadel, in front of La Rotonda Shopping Center.


The monument of the Capuchin Monkey (cebus capucinus) is located at the southern entrance, between the two tunnels of Santa Ana and El Carmen Hill that connects this area with downtown.

It shows a monkey climbing on a tree. It is a 12-meters high sculpture, it has 110,000 small multicolored ceramic pieces placed on an iron and cement structure. The capuchin monkey is an endangered species, which can still be found in protected areas of the Chongon-Colonche mountain range and in the mangrove reserves of Churute and Del Salado.